About Colored Pencil on Wood

No other artist has developed the technique of "Colored Pencil on Wood" to such an elevated level

The characteristics of wood can dramatically affect a work of art. Knot holes, grain and the shape and texture of the wood itself are all important factors in determining composition. Combining the natural characteristics of wood with my wildlife images makes powerful and soulful colored pencil images.

The final rendition is the product of many hours studying the characteristics of the wood and it's influence on the colored pencil.

Unlike painting where you can paint over a mistake, pencil is very unforgiving. The compositional elements and layering of the pencil must be determined before the piece is started. It often takes the layering of three to four Prismacolor pencils to create one desired color. The painstaking layering technique produces the depth and realistic quality of my work. It requires ten to twelve layers of pencil to achieve the exceptional realism I'm looking for.

My unique technique and observation skills are key in creating such realistic and accurate renditions; it helps me discern the anatomy of her subjects which is essential in creating accurate portrayals.

I have found that such depth and detail can be achieved through pencil more so than in painting.

The uniqueness of this work must be seen to be appreciated.

See my colored pencil artwork and prints.